Self-administered saliva collection kit. The kit is delivered with a pre-franked envelope in A mail.


The laboratory works 7/7. A sample sent on Friday will arrive on Saturday morning and the certificate will be sent on Saturday before 5 p.m. As post offices are closed on Sundays and public holidays, a sample sent on Saturday will arrive at the laboratory on Monday morning and the certificate will be sent on Monday before 5 p.m. Please pay attention of the opening hours of the post office where the envelope is dropped.


The sample is sent to a laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland, where it is analyzed with the RT-PCR technique to detect the presence of DNA fragments of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.


This is the LolliSponge® saliva collection kit produced by an American company, one of the market leaders in diagnostic tests. This product has obtained authorizations for use in screening for the Covid-19 virus in the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe.


The test is for anyone wishing to know if they are infected with the Covid-19 virus or / and who needs a certificate.


The certificate is drawn up in accordance with the standards in force and international agreements for border crossing. Our clients have traveled to over 40 countries.

Mail order saliva PCR test - Get the results in 24 hours